Presentations by Center Researchers

NCCF Co-Directors are often invited to speak at events related to child and family policy, and many of the Research Scientists and Graduate Fellows speak and present papers at national conferences. Following is an overview of the invited talks, and presentations of NCCF staff, all of which help us to disseminate our research for the implementation of effective social policy.


Brooks-Gunn, J. (2016, April 15). Welcome and opening remarks. Columbia Population Research Center’s Gene-Environment Interactions in the Era of Genome-Wide Data: Conceptual and Analytic Approaches, New York, NY.

Kagan, S. L. (2016, May 2). Facing the Future: Keynote presentation on sustainability, quality and equity. University of Connecticut Health Center’s ECPC Leadership Institute, Avon, CT.


Kagan, S. L. (2015, June 7). Governing early childhood education: Options and opportunities. National Association for the Education of Young Children, New Orleans, LA.

Schneider,W., Waldfogel, J., & Brooks-Gunn, J. (2015, May 2). The Great Recession: Parenting, Child Behavior, and School Performance. PAA Annual Meeting, San Diego, C.A.

Razza, R., Martin, A., & Brooks-Gunn, J. (2015, May). Specifying the links between motor control and classroom behaviors. Paper presented at the annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science. New York, NY.

Kagan, S. L. (2015, April 30). The changing landscape of early childhood education globally. East China Normal University, Xi’an, China.

Petitclerc, A., & Brooks-Gunn, J. (2015, March 21). Dosage effects in early preventive intervention programs for at-risk children: Methodological challenges, solutions, and promises. SRCD Biennial  Meeting, Philadelphia, P.A.

Villalobos, M., Martin, A., & Brooks-Gunn, J. (2015, March). Latino teens’ adjustment and social support from family, friends, and neighborhood. Paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development. Philadelphia, PA.

Morin, M., Martin, A., & Brooks-Gunn, J. (2015, March). The relationship between maternal religiosity and parenting behaviors. Poster presented at the International Convention of Psychological Science. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Kagan, S. L. (2014, November 13). Putting research to work. New York Academy of Sciences Conference: Shaping the Developing Brain – Prenatal through Early Childhood, New York, NY.

Kagan, S. L. (2014, November 6). The institutional architecture of early childhood development policies: A comparative study in 5 LAC countries. Inter-American Development Bank, Bogota, Colombia.

Brooks-Gunn, J. (2014, October 25). Economic recessions and well-being: Fragile families in the United States. Society for Research in Child Development Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic.

Kagan, S. L. (2014, October 7). Early childhood and the K-12 system: Continuity, transitions, and alignment. Teachers College, Columbia University Reading and Writing Project, New York, NY.

Brooks-Gunn, J. (2014, September 15). Early childhood educational programs: Do they reduce SES gaps in achievement? Harvard Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality & Social Policy, Harvard University, Cambridge, M.A.

Johnson, A., Martin, A., & Ryan, R.M. (2014, July). Longitudinal associations between child care subsidy receipt and child care choices. Head Start Research Conference. Washington, DC.

Brooks-Gunn, J. (2014, July 9). How much do neighborhoods matter for children and youth? Head Start Conference, Washington, D.C.


Kagan, S. L. (2013, May 11). Using the revised Iowa early learning standards: Beyond the classroom. Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children’s Professional Development Leadership, Des Moines, IA.

Kagan, S. L. (2013, May 10). Lessons learned in revising, adopting, infusing, implementing, and validating early learning standards. Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children’s Professional Development Leadership, Des Moines, IA.

Kagan, S. L. (2013, May 4). Individual development for early educators: Taking early learning standards from theory to change to practice. CAYL’s Early Educators Fellowship Initiative Speaker Series, Leominster, MA.

Kagan, S. L. (2013, April 16). Early childhood and the K-12 system: Creating alignment. Keynote presentation, Northland Foundation Early Childhood Summit, Duluth, MN.

Kagan, S. L. (2013, March 14). Standards alignment: A first step toward developing a coherent B-3rd grade learning continuum. National Governors Association & Council of Chief State School Officers Policy Forum, Philadelphia, PA.

Kagan, S. L. (2013, March 4).Improving standards: Issues and actions. Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Early Learning Standards Strategic Planning Session, Brookline, MA.

Kagan, S. L. (2013, February 25). Global experiences using the early learning and development standards. ARNEC and the University of Hong Kong East Asia Pacific Early Childhood Development Scales Workshop, Hong Kong, China.

Kagan, S. L. (2013, January 31).Overview of systems thinking. Benedum Foundation Early Childhood Information Session, Charleston, WV.


Kagan, S. L. (2012, November 9). Georgia’s pre-k program: Celebrating 20 years looking back but moving forward. National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Kagan, S. L. (2012, November 8). Can we make the common core state standards uncommonly appropriate for young children? National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Kagan, S. L. (2012, October 19). Early childhood and the K-12 system: The promise and perils of linking systems. The BUILD Initiative, Atlanta, GA.

Kagan, S. L. (2012, September 19). Transition of children from early care & education settings to kindergarten/public schools. Keynote presentation, Maryland State Department of Education Forum. Baltimore, MD.

Kagan, S. L. (2012, September 13). An overview of the history of early learning systems building. The George Washington University Center on Equity and Excellence in Education Conference’s Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center Conference, Washington, DC.

Kagan, S. L. (2012, August 13). Learning standards: A foundation for educational reform? Connecticut State Department of Education Assessment Forum, Cromwell, CT.