Early Childhood Policy in Institutions of Higher Education (ECPIHE)


Throughout American history, early childhood policy has emerged in bits and pieces – often in response to national crises – without comprehensive planning or the presence of diverse voices. Today, as policy, funding, and political will centered upon young children is burgeoning, there is a call for early childhood policy (ECP) professionals who can systematize and revolutionize the current hodge-podge of programs and services. The Early Childhood Policy in Institutions of Higher Education (ECPIHE) initiative seeks to address this systemic demand by enhancing the study of, and experiences related to, early childhood policy in American institutions of higher education (IHEs). The initiative intends to establish a new field of inquiry, Early Childhood Policy (ECP), and train leaders to design, analyze, and advocate for constructive early childhood policies driven by research and evidence-based practice. Through the development of easily accessible, open-access sample tools, the creation of a community of IHEs and early childhood policy experts, and the establishment of centers modeled on the National Center for Children and Families, the ECPIHE initiative collaborates with various institutions of higher education around the country to develop and brand this novel field of ECP. For more information on ECPIHE, please refer to the ECPIHE Overview document.

This initiative would not be possible without the support of Rebecca Gomez of Heising-Simons Foundation and Jessie Rasmussen of the Buffett Early Childhood Fund.