ECPIHE Products & Resources

The ECPIHE team has created a series of products and resources to aid in its mission. ECPIHE’s has created comprehensive and adaptive materials that are designed to be modified to reflect the instructional goals and needs of diverse contexts and users.

Foundational Reports

  • Foundational Report 1: Early Childhood Policy in Institutions of Higher Education: A Working Paper on the Current Status by Jacqueline Hawks, Ph.D.
  • Foundational Report 2: Elevating Early Childhood Policy as a Discipline of Inquiry and Practice: Preparing the Next Generation of Early Childhood Policy Leaders by Stacie G. Goffin, Ed.D.
  • Foundational Report 3: Advancing the Field of ECP: Lessons from Other Fields by Jeanne L. Reid, Ed.D.



  • Module 11: Creating Policy: The Roles of Timing and Advocacy
  • Module 3: Unequal Childhoods, Racial Equity, and ECP

Internship Handbook

Early Childhood Policy Handbook for Field Experiences/Internships