Social Equity and Diversity

This project will discern lessons from international initiatives for young children with a special focus on those that have most effectively advanced social inclusion and shown a special respect for diversity and tolerance, to consider how a global social equity and diversity agenda in early childhood might best be advanced.

Project goals include identifying and reviewing a number of successful international program and policy early childhood efforts which have embraced social inclusion and respect for diversity both conceptually and in practice. We will then use these case studies to investigate the core conceptual and research issues that must be addressed if a social equity and diversity agenda is to be advanced durably and systematically. As the product of this effort, we will produce a final document detailing successful practices and conceptual and research issues necessary for advancing social equity and inclusion. We expect this paper to help frame a new global agenda for action, research, and policy.

Funding Source: Bernard Van Leer Foundation.

Contact: Sharon Lynn Kagan, Ed.D.